Today’s world requires a new way of thinking, a new set of skills and competencies.

Our main objective is to engage your teams to acquire new methodologies, techniques & technologies to come up with ideas, solutions leading to growth creation.

Our hands-on interactive workshops coupled with case studies simulation, group video discussions and gamification, styles our trainings unique and memorable thus leading to a high return on training.

Innovators League’s experts will join efforts to understand your needs and objectives, tailor the workshops in the aim of achieving your goals, acquiring new habits and driving growth.

Reinvent Your Business- Business Model
Critical Thinking & Innovation
Accelerate Your Creativity
Creative Leadership
Complex Problem Solving
Intellectual Property
Fintech & Innovation
Agrytech & Innovation
Intraprenership & Innovation
Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Marketing Principles
Data Driven Marketing
Developing a Successful Marketing Plan
Strategic Marketing
Product Development
Brand Management
Category Management
Digital Marketing & Social Media
Best Merchandising Techniques
Telemarketing & Telesales
Selling Skills & Field Excellence
Relationship Selling
Advanced Sales Management
Negotiation Skills
Advanced Character Selling
Cash Van Sales Management
Cross-Selling & Up-Selling Techniques

Buidling a Memorable Customer Experience
Customer Relationship Management – CRM
Dealing With Difficult Customers
Measuring Customer Satisfaction
Handling Customers Complaints
Advanced Character Customer Service
Building Your Customer Loyalty Program

Retail Management: Sales Vs. Purchasing
The World of Merchandising
Key Account & Customer Engagement Management
Store Management Planning
Retail Space Planning & Allocation Management
Forecasting, Budgeting & Target Setting
Route-To-Market Planning (RTM)
Procurement & Purchasing Dynamics
Operations, Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Indoor Retail Selling Skills & Customer Profiling
The Shopper Behavior in POS & Retail Insights

Critical Thinking & Decision Making
Analytical Thinking and Visual Mapping
Effective Communication Skills
Presentation Skills
Team Building & Teamwork
Performance Management
Coaching for Performance
Leadership & Initiatives
Change Management
Crisis Management
Emotional Intelligence
Stress & Time Management
Mastering Public Speaking
Decision Making

Data Visualization
Efficient KPIs with Descriptive Statistics
Data Analysis for Professionals
Data Analysis for Experts
AI with “Supervised” Machine Learning
AI with “Unsupervised” Maching Learning
Forecasting Methods from A to Z
Deep Learning and NLPs for AI Applications
Python for Data Analyis, ML and AI
Statistical Process Quality Control Measurements