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Why Innovators League?


Our aim is to build Future Innovative Leaders that would become one day the added value to the world & to their organizations, believing that success is 87.5 % attitude & personality.

– Offering a wide range of services from consultancy, project management, training & coaching, building a dream team up to creating & protecting innovative ideas.
– Our programs are built on measurable KPIs as we connect them to professional performance.
– International experience & prestigious acknowledgement of the founder “ Maher G. Mezher ” in 4 continents.
– Tailored made content coupled with real case studies & success stories.
– Focus on self – development of the participants by providing them tested tools & proven processes.
– Pioneer in the field of Innovation & Marketing.
– Applying Pre & post assessment that would help our clients measure the improvement.
– We join efforts to build new cultures and dream teams that consistently develop and implement profitable ideas.
– Motivation as only achievers will reach the top of the pyramid & become a Certified Master by Innovators League.


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