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Capacity Building

You’ll be amazed what your Team can achieve if you can put the right person in the right place.

Building a dream team is more than recruiting talented candidates. It’s about discovering your Team skills & allocating the convenient projects & tasks taking into consideration their capabilities & talents.

At Innovators League we apply several types of psychometric, cognitive & behavioral tests in order to look at the different thinking style preferences, creativity style, leadership style & communication & decision making style.

The result of the 4 tests will than be analyzed by one of our professional experts & discussed with the team members, the team leader & will point the way toward working together more effectively and productively.

Whether you want to build a new dream team or you want to improve the performance of your existing team we’ll join efforts to maximize the productivity of the group working as a team.

Innovators League will be happy to support you building or accelerating your dream team performance in the following areas:

– Innovation Team
– Marketing Team
– Sales Team
– Customer Service / CRM Team
– PR Team

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